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Meet JR Thomas

JR Thomas, Mr. “Jus Right,” strives for excellence and delivering exceptional customer service to his clients. This stems from his background of over 15 years of experience serving in both direct marketing and corporate sales, which allows JR to easily demonstrate his strong negotiating skills. Gifted with additional talents in the art of writing music and spoken word, communication and harmony are critical to JR’s approach to real estate.

Taking pride as a professional sales representative, JR distinguishes himself with important qualities when representing his clients’ interests. JR is a Realtor who will advocate for you, not someone looking to pressure a sale. JR is a Realtor who is genuine and believes in leading from the heart. He is also a problem solver, armed with solutions and not excuses.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, JR’s cultural background and influence make him diverse in our multicultural city. He is a family man and father of three wonderful boys ages 6, 9, and 19. His children fuel his passion to help individuals use real estate as a vehicle to create generational wealth.

    Through affiliate partners provides joint venture clients with prime locations, favorable terms and a partnership with Dream Fund Holdings (DFH). Assets can be at one of Dream Maker Developments’ (DMD) locations or with other developer partners in the City.

  • Free Home Evaluation

    A home evaluation will determine the current value of your home, helping you make an informed decision.

  • Many People on 1 Team

    Professional Mortgage Brokers, Real-Estate Lawyers, Staging Services, Home Inspectors, Movers, Renovation Contractors, making us your ultimate One Stop Shop catering to all your Real-Estate Needs!

  • We want you to win

    Looking to Sell your existing home, Buy your first home, Purchasing Investment properties, or to generate a ROI through Joint Ventures in Real-Estate.

Follow The Journey With JR Thomas

Together we will rise above for excellence and become the change we wish to see!

More Than Just A Realtor

Focused on helping Individuals & Families use Real-Estate as a vehicle to create wealth from one generation onto the next is my Mission. It starts with Mindset and visualization of crossing the finish line into home ownership and securing multiple investment properties. I help people to see the Bigger picture and not just thinking about themselves but also about their children and children’s children. Creating legacy and acquiring assets that can stem from generation to generation.


FREE Online Home Evaluation

You’ll get an accurate estimate on the value of your home according to today’s market, not from a robot or an online generator, but from an actual Real Estate Professional that specializes in your area! Not only is the evaluation free but we’ll ensure to get your property information back to you quickly for your convenience and consideration.

No Obligations

No pressure, It’s completely free! It’s simple really, just fill out the form and you are on your way to get an estimate on the value of your home.

Quick Service

As soon as your free home evaluation is requested, I'm on the job! You will receive your home evaluation in as little as a few hours after speaking with me.


To maximize the accuracy of your home evaluation, i'll ensure to keep pre-analyzed, up-to-date market data and local comparables in your area.


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